Aladdin in Fort Worth 2024

The highly acclaimed musical “Aladdin” is making its way to Fort Worth, TX, and will be performed at the Bass Performance Hall on Jan 31 – Feb 4 (2024). As a Aladdin national tour continues to travel across the United States, many are excited to have the opportunity to see the talented cast perform in their own cities. Don’t miss the chance to experience this magical show when it comes to you.

Aladdin Fort Worth Tickets

Date Min Tickets Price
01 February, 2024
01:30 AM
from $224.40 Tickets ➔
01 February, 2024
07:30 PM
from $125.00 Tickets ➔
03 February, 2024
01:30 AM
from $224.40 Tickets ➔
03 February, 2024
07:30 PM
from $189.00 Tickets ➔
04 February, 2024
01:30 AM
from $130.00 Tickets ➔
04 February, 2024
07:00 PM
from $180.25 Tickets ➔
05 February, 2024
12:30 AM
from $127.84 Tickets ➔

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Fort Worth Cast

Aladdin Adi Roy
Genie Marcus M. Martin
Jasmine Senzel Ahmady
Jafar Anand Nagraj
Iago Aaron Choi
Sultan Sorab Wadia
Omar Ben Chavez
Babkak Jake Letts
Kassim Colt Prattes

Venue & Time Info

The musical will take place at Bass Performance Hall: 525 Commerce Street, Fort Worth, TX USA.

Average start time: Monday-Friday – 7:00 or 8:00 PM, Saturday-Sunday – 2:00 or 8:00 PM.

Bass Performance Hall Seating Chart

Bass Performance Hall Seating Chart

How to get the best seats to watch Aladdin musical?

To secure the best seats for the Aladdin musical at Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas, you’ll need to plan carefully and be proactive. Here are some tips to help you get the best seats:

  1. Book Early: Start your ticket search as soon as they become available. The best seats tend to sell out quickly, so booking early gives you a better chance of securing prime seats.
  2. Study the Seating Chart: Familiarize yourself with Bass Performance Hall’s seating chart. Understand the layout of the theater, including sections, rows, and seat numbers.
  3. Set a Budget: Determine your budget for tickets. Different seating sections and seat locations come with varying price points, so knowing your budget in advance will help you narrow down your options.
  4. Choose Center Orchestra Seats: In most cases, the most sought-after seats are in the center orchestra section. These seats provide an excellent view of the stage and offer a balanced perspective.
  5. Select Rows Closer to the Stage: Within the center orchestra section, aim for seats in rows closer to the stage. These seats offer a more immersive experience and allow you to see details more clearly.
  6. Consider Aisle Seats: Aisle seats not only provide more legroom but also easier access to and from your seat. They may also offer a slightly better view, depending on the theater’s layout.
  7. Avoid Obstructed View Seats: Carefully check for potential obstructions that could hinder your view, such as pillars or overhangs. Prioritize seats with an unobstructed view of the stage.
  8. Check for Discounts: Keep an eye out for discounts, promotions, or special offers on Bass Performance Hall’s official website, social media channels, or through newsletters. Discounts may be available for students, seniors, or specific showtimes.
  9. Use Official Ticketing Channels: Purchase your tickets through Bass Performance Hall’s official website or box office to ensure you are getting legitimate tickets and access to the best available seats.
  10. Subscribe to Alerts: Sign up for email notifications or follow Bass Performance Hall on social media to receive updates on ticket sales, pre-sales, and special offers.
  11. Consider Season Subscriptions: If you plan to attend multiple shows at Bass Performance Hall, inquire about becoming a season subscriber. Subscribers often receive priority seating and discounts on individual tickets.
  12. Join Membership Programs: Check if Bass Performance Hall offers membership programs that provide early access to ticket sales and exclusive seating options.
  13. Be Flexible with Dates: If your schedule allows, consider attending a weekday performance or a matinee, as these shows may have more seating options and potentially lower prices.
  14. Arrive Early: Arriving at the theater early ensures a smooth entrance and gives you time to settle into your seat comfortably.

By following these tips and taking a proactive approach to your ticket search, you can increase your chances of securing the best seats to enjoy the Aladdin musical at Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best seats to watch Aladdin in Bass Performance Hall?

The Bass Performance Hall offers generally good views, with a shallow curve and a good rake, meaning that most of this area gives unimpaired views of the stage, but often also has little price variation. Stay tuned with to know more about Aladdin musical latest updates as seats go on sale.

When do Aladdin play in Fort Worth?

Aladdin will play at the Bass Performance Hall on Jan 31 – Feb 4 (2024).

How much does it cost to see Aladdin in Fort Worth?

Tickets price for Aladdin in Fort Worth can vary based on the day of the week, seat selection, and many other factors. The average price starts from $47.

How long does the Aladdin show last in Fort Worth?

It lasts for 2 hours 30 minutes, including one 15 minutes-minute intermission.

Is the Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Bass Performance Hall is wheelchair accessible. Please mention any special requirements while booking tickets.

Is there an age limit for the Aladdin show in Fort Worth?

Aladdin is suitable for most ages, but it’s advised to check with the Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth for specific recommendations.

Are there any discounted tickets available?

Any discounts or promotional offers will be mentioned on the official website or authorized ticketing platforms.

Can I get a refund on my ticket?

The refund policy may vary for Aladdin in Fort Worth. It’s recommended to double-check the terms and conditions while booking.

What safety measures are in place at Bass Performance Hall?

The Bass Performance Hall and the production of Aladdin are committed to providing a safe environment for all patrons. Enhanced safety measures are in place in accordance with local health guidelines in Fort Worth.

Are there any meet-and-greet opportunities with the cast?

Meet-and-greet opportunities vary by location. Please check the official website for Aladdin in Fort Worth for any updates on such opportunities.

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