Beetlejuice Tickets

Beetlejuice musical is based on the 1988 film of the same name. The music and lyrics are by Eddie Perfect, the book was written by Scott Brown and Anthony King, and it was directed by the two-time Tony Award nominee, Alex Timbers. It was premiered on Broadway in 2018 and has gotten lots of positive reviews and accolades for a job well done.

The storyline is about a deceased couple, the Maitland, Barbara and Adam Maitland, who died in a car accident, and became stuck haunting their country residence, unable to leave the house they once lived in before their tragic death.

They try to haunt the new owners of their former home, the Deetzes family, Delia and Charles Deetz, and their teen daughter Lydia but are unable to scare them away from the house. This led them to seek help from a devious bio-exorcist ghost named Betelgeuse (pronounced “Beetlejuice”), who is summoned by saying his name three times.

The help from Beetlejuice quickly escalates and becomes dangerous for the Maitlands and the innocent young girl, Lydia, who is dealing with her mother’s death and her neglectful father.

Beetlejuice can be summarised as a story about family, love, and ghosts. You are sure to be thrilled by the performance when you watch it. It can be said to be a scary musical, but with a reasonable amount of humor. You will definitely find the musical emotional, as it involves deaths, and you will find it hilarious as well.

Entertainment Weekly described the musical as “A feast for the eyes and soul.”

The musical was directed awesomely, but again, we can’t expect less from the talented director of the successful Moulin Rouge musical, Alex Timbers. He really didn’t disappoint. The stage management for the musical is just so amazing, and the costumes took the whole performance to an up-notch.
Beetlejuice has won different awards, including a Tony Award for outstanding set design (play or musical), Drama League Award for Founder’s Award for Excellence in Directing, and so other awards. Check out the latest Beetlejuice tour dates for 2022.

Beetlejuice’s Cast

Here is a list of the cast for Beetlejuice:

  • Alex Brightman as Betelgeuse
  • Sophia Anne Caruso as Lydia Deetz
  • Kerry Butler as Barbara Maitland
  • Rob McClure as Adam Maitland
  • Leslie Kritzer as Delia Deetz/Miss Argentina
  • Adam Dannheisser as Charles Deetz
  • Jill Abramowitz as Maxine Dean/Juno
  • Danny Rutigliano as Maxie Dean
  • Kelvin Moon Log as Otho
  • Dana Steingild as Sky the Girl Scout


Q. What is the running time for the musical performance?
A. It runs for 2 hours 30 minutes.

Q. What is the difference between the Beetlejuice movie and the musical?
A. In the movie, the Maitlands call upon him after seeing an ad for him. However, in the musical, Beetlejuice comes to the Maitlands after they die.

Q. Is the musical too scary for kids to watch?
A. It depends on the age of the kid. The recommended age is from 10 and above. Children under the age of 4 are not permitted.

Q. Where is the best place to get tickets for this show?
A. Tickets can be gotten from trusted websites or at the gate of the theatre.