Broadway in New Orleans | 2024

Broadway finds a harmonious home in New Orleans, a city steeped in rich history and pulsating with a lively culture and an unquenchable thirst for entertainment.

Broadway in New Orleans Schedule

My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady

Jan 9 – 14, 2024

My Fair Lady elegantly retells a classic story with memorable music, lavish costumes, and timeless, transformative themes.

Les Miserables

Les Miserables

Jan 30 – Feb 4, 2024

Les Misérables: A powerful, epic tale of redemption and revolution, brought to life with unforgettable music on Broadway.

Ain't too proud

Ain’t Too Proud

Feb 27 – Mar 3, 2024

Ain’t Too Proud electrifies with the legendary music and story of The Temptations, showcasing their journey and hits.



Apr 5 – 7, 2024

Annie, a heartwarming musical, captures the spirit of hope and resilience through its beloved songs and timeless story.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire

May 14 – 19, 2024

Mrs. Doubtfire musical brings heart and humor to life, adapting the beloved film into an uplifting musical experience.

Clue Musical


Jun 18 – 23, 2024

Clue blends mystery and humor, transforming the iconic board game into a thrilling, interactive stage experience.

Historic Background

The narrative of Broadway in New Orleans, a saga rich with theatrical heritage, began in the early 20th century. It was during this time that touring Broadway productions first graced the city’s stages, introducing New Orleans to the grandeur of musicals and plays from the nation’s theatrical epicenter.

A pivotal moment in this historical journey was the establishment of the Saenger Theatre in 1927. This iconic venue became a cornerstone for Broadway in New Orleans, transforming the city into a major destination for these celebrated shows. The Saenger Theatre, with its opulent design and advanced technological capabilities, brought a new level of sophistication to the local theater scene.

Over the decades, New Orleans witnessed the evolution of Broadway from the Golden Age of musicals to the diverse array of contemporary productions we see today. Iconic shows and groundbreaking new works alike found a home on New Orleans stages, enchanting audiences and enriching the city’s cultural fabric.

The legacy of Broadway in New Orleans is a testament to the city’s enduring love affair with live theater. It is a history marked by dazzling performances, the transformation of venues, and the continuous evolution of theatrical storytelling, reflecting the vibrant spirit of New Orleans itself.

Saenger Theatre: A Hub of Broadway Magic

Saenger Theatre

In the heart of New Orleans stands the Saenger Theatre, an Art Deco masterpiece and the crown jewel of the city’s Broadway scene. Since its inception, the Saenger has been synonymous with the magic and splendor of Broadway, offering audiences a gateway to worlds of fantasy and drama.

  • Architectural Elegance: The Saenger Theatre, with its lavish decor and intricate design, harkens back to an era of elegance and grandeur. Its stunning interior, adorned with opulent fixtures and expansive murals, sets the stage for an immersive theatrical experience.
  • Modern Theatrical Technology: Beyond its historical charm, the Saenger boasts state-of-the-art technology. This blend of classic beauty and contemporary innovation allows for breathtaking productions that captivate and awe audiences.
  • Home to Iconic Productions: Over the years, the Saenger Theatre has hosted a multitude of renowned Broadway shows. Each production gracing its stage adds to the theatre’s rich legacy, making it a revered venue in the Broadway community.

The Saenger Theatre is more than a venue; it’s a symbol of New Orleans’ dedication to the performing arts. Its presence in the city not only brings Broadway’s best to the South but also stands as a beacon of cultural enrichment and artistic excellence.

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Broadway Season: A Showcase of World-Class Entertainment

The annual Broadway season in New Orleans is a highly anticipated event, featuring a stunning array of productions from Broadway’s rich repertoire. These shows, spanning various genres and styles, offer something for every theater enthusiast, showcasing the best of musical theater and drama.

Diversity in Genres: Each Broadway season in New Orleans is carefully curated to include a mix of genres. From the heart-warming melodies of classic musicals to the profound narratives of modern dramas, and the whimsical charm of family-friendly shows, the season ensures a diverse and enriching theatrical experience.

Captivating Productions: The lineup often includes Tony Award-winning musicals, critically acclaimed plays, and innovative new works. These productions not only entertain but also challenge and inspire, leaving audiences with unforgettable experiences.

Appealing to Broad Audiences: The variety in the Broadway season caters to a wide spectrum of audiences. Whether you’re a seasoned theatergoer or experiencing Broadway for the first time, the shows in New Orleans provide an accessible gateway to the world of high-caliber theater.

The Broadway season in New Orleans is a testament to the city’s vibrant cultural scene, where the spirit of Broadway is celebrated with passion and flair. It’s a showcase of world-class entertainment, right in the heart of one of America’s most lively cities.

Beyond the Saenger: Broadway’s Reach Expands

Broadway’s allure in New Orleans extends beyond the grandeur of the Saenger Theatre, with productions taking center stage at various venues across the city. This expansion reflects New Orleans’ commitment to making Broadway accessible and varied, catering to a wider audience.

  • Additional Venues Hosting Broadway: The Orpheum Theatre, Municipal Auditorium, and Civic Theatre have also become homes for Broadway productions in New Orleans. Each of these venues offers a unique architectural and cultural experience, adding depth to the city’s Broadway landscape.
  • Diverse Settings for Diverse Productions: The variety of venues allows for a broader range of Broadway shows to be presented. Smaller, more intimate theaters provide a different ambiance for certain productions, while larger venues can accommodate the grandeur of big-scale musicals.
  • A Citywide Celebration of Theater: By hosting Broadway shows in various locations, New Orleans turns the entire city into a stage for world-class entertainment. This expansion not only brings theater closer to different communities but also enhances the city’s status as a cultural hub.

The spread of Broadway across New Orleans is a clear indication of the city’s love for theater and its desire to bring the magic of Broadway to every corner. It’s a celebration of storytelling that resonates throughout the city, enriching its cultural heritage.

Broadway’s Impact on New Orleans’ Cultural Landscape

The influence of Broadway in New Orleans transcends the boundaries of entertainment, weaving itself into the fabric of the city’s cultural landscape. This impact is evident not only in the enriching theatrical experiences it provides but also in the broader implications for the local community.

Enriching the Artistic Tapestry: Broadway productions contribute significantly to New Orleans’ artistic diversity, offering a spectrum of stories and performances that enrich the city’s cultural offerings. This variety adds depth and richness to the local arts scene, showcasing the city’s commitment to cultural diversity and artistic expression.

Boosting Local Talent and Industry: The presence of Broadway in New Orleans also provides opportunities for local performers, technicians, and theater professionals. It stimulates the local economy, particularly in the hospitality sector, as theatergoers often combine their Broadway experience with dining and exploring the city.

Transformative Cultural Influence: The power of Broadway shows in shaping the cultural scene in New Orleans is transformative. These productions not only entertain but also inspire, educate, and foster a deeper appreciation for the arts among residents and visitors alike.

Broadway’s role in New Orleans goes beyond mere entertainment; it is a catalyst for cultural enrichment, community engagement, and economic vitality. The city’s embrace of Broadway reflects its passion for storytelling and its dedication to creating a vibrant, dynamic cultural landscape.

Broadway New Orleans Tickets

Accessing the world of Broadway in New Orleans is made easy with a variety of ticketing options, providing a gateway to a realm of theatrical delights. Whether seeking the perfect seat or a special package, ticketing for Broadway shows in New Orleans is designed to accommodate every preference.

  • Official Ticketing Partner: Ticketmaster, the official ticketing partner, offers a seamless purchasing experience. Here, you can find tickets for all Broadway shows playing in New Orleans, with detailed seating charts and pricing options.
  • Broadway in New Orleans App: For added convenience, the Broadway in New Orleans app allows you to manage tickets, access show information, and explore other Broadway experiences right from your mobile device.
  • Diverse Ticket Types: From single tickets for casual theatergoers to group sales for larger parties, and special packages for those seeking an extra touch of luxury, there’s a ticket type to suit every need.
  • Purchasing Flexibility: Tickets can be purchased online, in-person at box offices, or via mobile, offering flexibility and ease. This ensures that securing your spot for a Broadway show in New Orleans is hassle-free and accessible.
  • Early Purchase Recommendations: To secure preferred seats and avoid disappointment, it’s recommended to purchase tickets early. This also offers the chance to snag any early bird discounts or special offers that may be available.

In New Orleans, the experience of attending a Broadway show starts with the ticket purchase – a process that is as varied and accommodating as the city itself.


Final Words

Broadway in New Orleans is a beautiful symphony of artistic excellence and the city’s unique cultural spirit. This harmonious blend offers a theatrical experience that is both enchanting and transformative, reflecting the city’s passion for storytelling and performance.

As New Orleans continues to host a variety of Broadway shows, from timeless classics to contemporary masterpieces, it solidifies its position as a beacon of cultural vibrancy. The impact of these productions extends far beyond the stages of the Saenger Theatre or any other venue; they touch the hearts of audiences, inspire local artists, and contribute to the city’s rich cultural tapestry.

The enduring appeal of Broadway in New Orleans is a testament to the city’s love for the arts and its capacity to provide unforgettable entertainment experiences. For those who have yet to immerse themselves in this world, an invitation awaits to embark on a journey of theatrical wonder and cultural exploration.

In embracing Broadway, New Orleans not only celebrates the magic of live theater but also upholds its reputation as a city where culture, history, and art converge in the most spectacular fashion. So, step into the vibrant world of Broadway in New Orleans and be part of a story that continues to unfold with each captivating performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Broadway in New Orleans?

Broadway in New Orleans is a vibrant cultural scene that brings world-class theatrical productions to the city. The Saenger Theatre, a stunning Art Deco masterpiece, is the crown jewel of Broadway in New Orleans, hosting a variety of shows from Broadway’s repertoire.

When did Broadway productions start coming to New Orleans?

The history of Broadway in New Orleans dates back to the early 20th century, when touring productions began to grace the city’s stages.

What are the different venues that host Broadway productions in New Orleans?

In addition to the Saenger Theatre, Broadway productions are also held at the Orpheum Theatre, the Municipal Auditorium, and the Civic Theatre.

What types of Broadway productions are typically seen in New Orleans?

The Broadway season in New Orleans features a wide variety of genres, including musicals, comedies, dramas, and special events.

Where can I purchase tickets for Broadway productions in New Orleans?

The official ticketing partner for Broadway in New Orleans is Ticketmaster. Tickets can also be purchased through the Broadway in New Orleans app.

What are some of the most popular Broadway productions that have come to New Orleans?

Some of the most popular Broadway productions that have been seen in New Orleans include Hamilton, Wicked, The Lion King, and The Book of Mormon.

What are some of the benefits of experiencing Broadway in New Orleans?

There are many benefits to experiencing Broadway in New Orleans. You can enjoy world-class performances in a unique and historic city. You can also support the local economy and contribute to the vibrant arts scene.

What tips do you have for planning a Broadway trip to New Orleans?

Here are a few tips for planning a Broadway trip to New Orleans:

  • Start planning your trip early to secure tickets to the shows you want to see.
  • Book your accommodations early, as hotels can fill up quickly, especially during the peak season.
  • Familiarize yourself with the city’s layout and public transportation options.
  • Be sure to pack comfortable shoes, as you’ll likely be doing a lot of walking.
  • Don’t forget to sample the city’s famous Cajun and Creole cuisine!

What are some of the other things to do in New Orleans besides seeing Broadway productions?

There are many other things to do in New Orleans besides seeing Broadway productions. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Explore the French Quarter, the historic heart of the city.
  • Visit the National World War II Museum.
  • Take a ride on the St. Charles Avenue streetcar.
  • Catch a jazz concert or blues performance.
  • Enjoy a Creole-style dinner at one of the city’s many restaurants.