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“The Cottage” on Broadway is a comedic play by Sandy Rustin, directed by Jason Alexander. Starring Eric McCormack and Laura Bell Bundy among others, it delves into a hilarious tale of love, betrayal, and mistaken identities set in 1923 England, reminiscent of a Noël Coward comedy. Discover the humor and whimsy by securing The Cottage tickets for an unforgettable theatrical experience.

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Narrative Overview

The setting of “The Cottage” is a charming allure, nestled in the heart of the English countryside during the post-Victorian era of 1923. This period, perched on the cusp of modernity yet steeped in traditional mores, crafts a captivating canvas for the comedic capers to come. The quaint, picturesque scenery juxtaposed with the burgeoning societal shifts forms a fertile ground for the play’s narrative to flourish. The time and place are more than mere backdrops; they are silent narrators that whisper of a world in transition, lending a nuanced layer to the unfolding drama. 🌳
The CottageAt the core of “The Cottage” is a zesty zest of romantic entanglements and revelations. Sylvia Van Kipness, a daring damsel, decides to disclose her dalliance to her husband, setting the stage for a cascade of comedic confrontations. The plot thickens as Sylvia’s lover’s wife is thrown into the mix, igniting a firework of farcical situations. Each character, from the wronged spouses to the secretive lovers, finds themselves in a dance of deception, wrapped up in a whirlwind of whimsy and wit.

The plot is a bubbling brew of humorous happenstances, where love triangles morph into amusing polygons, and secrets seep out to stir the pot of playful predicaments. Each revelation unravels a new layer of laughter, as characters navigate the narrow nooks and crannies of love and loyalty, all under the watchful eyes of a discerning audience.

“The Cottage” is a delightful delve into the duality of human emotions and relationships. The theme of love is explored with a light-hearted lens, painting a picture of romance that’s as rosy as it is riotous. Betrayal, on the other hand, is served on a platter of humor, offering a side of silliness with every sinister act.

Identity is the third thread that ties the narrative neatly, as characters grapple with the guise of societal expectations versus the voice of their voracious hearts. Through the comedic chaos, “The Cottage” subtly sifts through the sands of self-discovery, unveiling the unvarnished truth of personal and relational identities. Amidst the laughter, lie lessons of love, the levity of loyalty, and the lure of self-liberation, making “The Cottage” a comedic cauldron where humor and heart harmoniously hobnob.

The enchanting ensemble of characters, the comedic cadence of the narrative, and the quaint quality of the setting craft a captivating concoction called “The Cottage”.

Cast and Characters

The charm of “The Cottage” is significantly enhanced by its charismatic cast, whose on-stage chemistry is nothing short of electric. Leading the ensemble is Sylvia Van Kipness, portrayed by the effervescent Laura Bell Bundy. Sylvia is the catalyst of comedic mayhem, her daring disclosure setting the stage for a series of hilarious happenstances. Eric McCormack dons the role of Beau, whose entangled love life becomes the fodder for funny follies. The cast also stars Lilli Cooper as Marjorie, Nehal Joshi as Richard, Alex Moffat as Clarke, and Dana Steingold as Deirdre, each contributing to the riotous rollercoaster of relationships and revelations.

The dynamics among the characters are akin to a playful dance of deceit and discovery. Their interactions are a blend of earnest emotions and exaggerated expressions, painting a humorous yet heartfelt picture of human relations. As the narrative unfolds, the characters evolve, their initial pretenses peeling away to reveal the raw reality beneath. For instance, Sylvia’s audacious attitude towards unveiling the truth sets off a domino effect, pushing others to confront their own concealed feelings and face the music.

The development of characters is not just a personal journey, but a communal cavalcade of coming to terms with love, loyalty, and life’s ludicrous yet lovable lessons. As they navigate through the narrative’s nuanced network, they learn, laugh, and leap towards self- and mutual understanding. The way characters play off each other, with a mix of conflict and camaraderie, underscores the essence of human interaction, making “The Cottage” a mirror reflecting the mirth and melancholy of relationships.

Each actor imbibes their role with a unique flavor, making the characters relatable yet ridiculously funny. The cast of “The Cottage” not only delivers a deluge of laughter but also delves into the deeper dialogue about identity, integrity, and the intricate interplay of human emotions.

As we transition from the cast to the directorial vision, the seamless synergy between the script, the stage, and the stars becomes increasingly evident. Shall we venture into the vision of Jason Alexander as he helms this humorous haven?

The Cottage Play

Directorial Vision

Steering the ship of “The Cottage” through the turbulent waters of humor and heart is the seasoned Jason Alexander. His directorial prowess breathes life into Sandy Rustin’s script, turning words into a whimsical wonder on stage. Alexander’s interpretation is a hearty homage to the comedic legacy, yet with a modern mojo that makes the narrative nifty and nuanced. His orchestration of the comedic chaos, blending slapstick with sophistication, creates a cavalcade of chuckles amongst the audience.

Alexander’s adeptness at accentuating the absurd, while anchoring the narrative in authentic emotions, showcases a storytelling sagacity that is both hilarious and heartwarming. His vision veers the vessel of “The Cottage” into a voyage that is vivacious and vibrant, where every scene is a visual verse in the poetry of comedy. The meticulous marriage of movement, melody, and mirth under Alexander’s adept aegis forms a tableau that is both tantalizing and touching.

Comparatively, the play’s comedic cadence carries echoes of Noël Coward’s illustrious style, renowned for its razor-sharp wit and whimsical whimsy. Both directors share a knack for kneading the knots of human nature into narratives that are laced with laughter and life lessons. However, while Coward’s comedies were a critique cloaked in caricature, Alexander’s approach in “The Cottage” is a tender tribute with a tint of today’s temperaments. The anachronistic allusions and audacious antics in “The Cottage” are akin to a modern-day melody played in a classical cadence, encapsulating a timeless essence of humor that transcends eras.

The directorial vision of Jason Alexander blends the bygone beauty of Coward’s comedic craft with contemporary creative cues, crafting a play that is both a bouquet and a bridge between the past and the present. “The Cottage”, with its comedic charm and charismatic cast, is a canvas where the classic and the contemporary coalesce, creating a cinematic celebration of love, laughter, and life’s ludicrous yet lovable lessons.

With a standing ovation to the directorial dexterity, shall we saunter into the segment of audience reception to sense the splash “The Cottage” made on the Broadway scene? 😄

The Cottage Play Reviews

The Hayes Theater
Based on 772 reviews
Hayes Theatre
Based on 87 reviews
K schwind
K schwind
Small intimate theater. Very funny show. Do not buy the seats along the outer walls in the lower section. The tickets should be labeled obstructed view.
Alan L.
Alan L.
The theater was originally named The Little Theater for a reason. With 597 seats, it is the smallest Broadway theater. The seats are relatively comfortable...
Mahima Srivastava
Mahima Srivastava
Saw Clyde's here and had a great evening. Excellent comedy play and we had good orchestra seats. The seats are a bit cramped up and leg space is minimal. Apart from that we had a great show! Came back to see the Cottage play.
Dan Butiu
Dan Butiu
An amazing experience.The only nasty thing was at the theatre's bar where the person there was rude without even looking at me when I said "thank you." . No more tips for her...
Amanda Long
Amanda Long
Small venue but all great seats. Staff work hard to keep things on time and friendly. The Cottage was great.
Just saw "The Cottage" and loooved it. Continuously funny and witty, with some outright hilarious moments. Excellent chemistry and performances by all actorsReally nice, intimate theater. Seats on the smaller side (for my knees), but great angles for viewing. I totally agree with a review that said "every seat is a good seat". Great lighting, acoustics, and clean bathrooms. I didn't get anything from the concession stand, so can't really comment (I saw Budweiser so I passed on beer).
Ken Wong
Ken Wong
July 2023:Saw The Cottage here and ended up sitting behind the Director.The theatre was really cold (freezer cold 🥶). Definitely bring a parka 😁 if you are seated upstairs in the middle.I enjoyed the play. Was clever and well written. Had a few surprises to keep us on our toes! Would definitely come back again to watch the show.
Iris C.
Iris C.
Came here to see The Thanksgiving Play here (no intermissions). Honestly didn't know what to expect because we came to see D'Arcy Carden and left shook. The...
Lourdes M.
Lourdes M.
The smallest Broadway theater I'd been but it has positive vibes on it. We were given complimentary seats literally in the first row center. I did not like...

Audience Reception

The Broadway debut of “The Cottage” was met with a cascade of chuckles and a symphony of applause, resonating the resonance of the rib-tickling narrative with the audience. The critics too, tipped their hats to the play, praising the perfect potion of humor, heart, and human connection that flowed through its veins. The clever concoction of vintage vibe with voguish verve struck a chord, making it a melody of mirth on the Broadway boulevard.

Reviewers reveled in the riotous rollercoaster of romantic rendezvous and ridiculously rich repartees that riddled the narrative. The sharp wit, whimsical wordplay, and warm-hearted wisdom woven into the script were lauded as lyrical lullabies of laughter. The comedic cadence of “The Cottage” captivated the critics, carving a cozy corner in the competitive canvas of contemporary theater.

The audience, on the other hand, adored the audacious antics and affectionate affections exhibited on stage. They were whisked away into a whimsical world where love laced with laughter led the way. The relatable rumbles of romantic revelations and the hearty hilarity that ensued endeared the ensemble to the audience, earning an echo of enthusiasm and endearment.

On the commercial crest, “The Cottage” carved a commendable niche, with ticket sales soaring soon after its sensational debut. The box office buzzed with buoyancy as seats filled faster than one could say “comedy”. The ticket tills tallied a tantalizing total, testifying to the tantalizing allure of this theatrical treat. The effervescent energy encapsulated in each episode of humor and heart enticed theatergoers to earmark their evenings for a trip to “The Cottage”. The sales scenario sang a song of success, signaling a solid standing in the Broadway bracket.

The captivation of the critics and the affection of the audience accentuated the allure of “The Cottage”, making it a notable notation in the narrative of New York’s noble theater niche. As the lights dimmed and the curtains closed, the comedic chords of “The Cottage” continued to carol in the hearts of humor-hungry theatergoers. Shall we summarize the saga of “The Cottage” in a concluding chorus?

How to Get Cottage New York Tickets Tips

Securing a seat to witness the whimsical world of “The Cottage” on Broadway is a ticket to a delightful dalliance of drama and humor. Here are some tips to ensure you snag a spot to this sought-after show:

  • Official Website: The safest way to purchase tickets is through the official website of “The Cottage” or the Hayes Theater. This ensures authenticity and straightforward transactions.
  • Advance Booking: Given the popularity of the play, it’s wise to book your tickets well in advance. The earlier you book, the better the seats you can snag.
  • Discounted Tickets: Look out for discounted tickets which may be available during certain periods or for specific groups. Some platforms offer discounted rates for students, seniors, or groups.
  • Rush and Lottery Tickets: Some of the best deals can be found in rush and lottery tickets. These are typically sold on the day of the performance and require your presence at the theater box office.
  • Authorized Resellers: If the official channels are sold out, turn to authorized resellers. Ensure that the reseller is reputable to avoid any fraudulent situations.
  • Digital Lotteries: Digital lotteries are another way to get hands-on discounted tickets. They are usually conducted online, providing a convenient option to score last-minute tickets.
  • Subscription or Membership: If you are a theater aficionado, consider subscribing to a membership with the Hayes Theater or other Broadway ticket platforms which might offer priority booking or discounts.

With these tips in hand, you’re well on your way to securing a seat to laugh your heart out at “The Cottage”. The enticing ensemble, clever comedy, and captivating characters await to transport you to a world of whimsy and wit.

The Cottage Broadway Play


Embarking on the enchanting expedition through “The Cottage,” we’ve meandered through a meadow of mirth, navigated the nuances of narrative, and celebrated the camaraderie of a charismatic cast under the crafty compass of director Jason Alexander. This jaunty journey juggled the jovial with the judicious, rendering a rich repertoire of riotous revelry and resonant reflections.

“The Cottage” is not merely a play; it’s a prismatic playfield where past meets present, love liaises with laughter, and betrayal befriends bemusement. It’s a tableau of timeless truths told through tantalizing tales, tenderly touching the chords of comedy while triumphantly traversing the terrain of human temperament.

The tapestry of “The Cottage” is tinted with the traditional and the trendy, making it a treasured token on the theatrical tableau of Broadway. Its narrative navigates through the nebulous network of human nature, nudging a nod of nostalgia while nurturing a narrative that’s novel and nifty. The Cottage tickets are not just tickets to a show, they are tickets to a transcendental trip through the tumult and tenderness of human ties. 🎭

As the curtain falls, the legacy of “The Cottage” lingers, leaving a lasting laughter and a longing for more of such lighthearted yet lucid looks into life and love. And while the lights may dim on stage, the luminous laughter and lessons learned will light the way for lovers of theatre, longing for a laugh and a lesson in love and life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “The Cottage” play about?

“The Cottage” is a comedic play set in 1923 England, revolving around a love affair revelation and the ensuing comedic chaos among a group of intertwined characters. It explores themes of love, betrayal, and identity in a humorous light.

Who are the notable cast members of “The Cottage”?

The cast includes Laura Bell Bundy as Sylvia Van Kipness, Eric McCormack as Beau, Lilli Cooper as Marjorie, Nehal Joshi as Richard, Alex Moffat as Clarke, and Dana Steingold as Deirdre.

Who directed “The Cottage” on Broadway?

Jason Alexander directed “The Cottage” on Broadway, infusing it with a blend of traditional and modern comedic elements reminiscent of Noël Coward’s style.

When did “The Cottage” make its Broadway debut?

“The Cottage” made its Broadway debut on July 24, 2023, at the Hayes Theater.

What is the runtime of “The Cottage”?

The play runs for 2 hours and 5 minutes, including an intermission.

What are the critics saying about “The Cottage”?

Critics have praised “The Cottage” for its humorous narrative, clever script, and the captivating performances by the cast, appreciating its blend of vintage comedic vibe with a contemporary touch.

How has the box office responded to “The Cottage”?

“The Cottage” experienced buoyant box office performance with robust ticket sales, indicating a positive reception from the theater-going audience.

Where can one purchase tickets for “The Cottage”?

Tickets for “The Cottage” can be purchased through the official Broadway website or authorized ticket sales platforms.

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