Wicked, the Broadway sensation that has captivated audiences worldwide, offers a unique opportunity for fans to experience the show at an affordable price through its ticket lottery system. This article will explore the benefits of participating in the Wicked ticket lottery, how it works, tips for increasing your chances of winning, and alternative ways to experience the show if you don’t win.

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How the Wicked ticket lottery system works

The Wicked ticket lottery system was designed to make the show more accessible to a wider range of audiences by offering a limited number of tickets at a reduced price. The following sections will cover the rules and regulations, eligibility requirements, and steps to participate in the lottery.

  • Rules and regulations: The lottery typically opens a few hours before the performance, and winners are drawn shortly after the lottery closes. Participants must be present at the time of the drawing and have a valid ID to claim their tickets. Winners can purchase up to two tickets at the discounted price.
  • Eligibility requirements: To participate in the lottery, you must be 18 years or older and have a valid government-issued ID. Tickets won through the lottery are non-transferable, and reselling them is strictly prohibited.
  • Steps to participate: To enter the lottery, visit the theater’s box office during the specified lottery entry window. Fill out an entry form with your name and contact information, and submit it to the designated lottery area. Make sure to arrive on time for the drawing, as late entries will not be accepted.

Tips for increasing your chances of winning

While winning the Wicked ticket lottery ultimately comes down to luck, there are a few strategies you can use to potentially increase your chances of success:

  • Timing and frequency: Try entering the lottery for weekday performances, as these tend to be less popular than weekend shows. Additionally, consider participating in the lottery multiple times throughout the show’s run, as this will increase your overall odds of winning.
  • Research and planning: Stay informed about the specific lottery policies for each theater, as they may vary slightly. This information can be found on the theater’s website or by calling the box office. Plan your visit accordingly to maximize your chances of winning tickets.
  • Connecting with fellow participants: Engage with other Wicked fans and lottery participants on social media and online forums. Sharing experiences and tips can provide valuable insight and help you make the most of your lottery experience.

Experiencing Wicked without winning the lottery

If you don’t win the Wicked ticket lottery, don’t worry! There are still several alternative ways to get cheap Wicked tickets:

  • Rush tickets: Many theaters offer a limited number of rush tickets on a first-come, first-served basis. These tickets are typically available for purchase at the box office on the day of the performance, and are sold at a reduced price. Arrive early to secure your spot in line!
  • Discounted tickets: Check for special promotions and discount codes through ticketing websites, such as TodayTix or BroadwayBox. These platforms often offer discounted tickets for a variety of shows, including Wicked.
  • Last-minute tickets: Occasionally, theaters release a limited number of unsold or canceled tickets shortly before the performance. Monitor the theater’s website or social media channels for announcements about these last-minute ticket releases.


Participating in the Wicked ticket lottery system is an exciting and affordable way to experience one of Broadway’s most beloved shows. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this article, you can increase your chances of winning Wicked tickets and make the most of your lottery experience. And if you don’t win, remember that there are still plenty of alternative ways to experience Wicked at a discounted price. So give it a try, and immerse yourself in the magical world of Oz!

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