Attending a Broadway production is an incredible experience, and everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy it. The producers of the musical Wicked are committed to ensuring that their performances are accessible to all ticket holders, including those with disabilities or special needs. This article outlines the various accessibility accommodations available for Wicked ticket holders to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable theater experience.

Accessibility accommodations

Wheelchair Access and Seating

Wicked performances take place in theaters that are wheelchair accessible. This includes ramps, elevators, and designated wheelchair seating areas. Many theaters also offer transfer seating for patrons who prefer to transfer from a wheelchair to a theater seat. It is essential to notify the box office in advance if you require wheelchair seating or transfer seating so they can reserve the appropriate accommodations for you.

  • Wheelchair accessible entrances
  • Elevators and ramps
  • Designated wheelchair seating areas
  • Transfer seating

Hearing Assistance

For those with hearing impairments, Wicked performances offer several accommodations to enhance your experience. Assistive listening devices are available for free at the theater’s box office. These devices amplify the sound, ensuring a better listening experience. In addition, some performances offer open captioning or sign language interpretation. Be sure to check the schedule for specific dates and times when these services are available.

  • Assistive listening devices
  • Open captioning
  • Sign language interpretation

Visual Impairment Accommodations

Visually impaired patrons can take advantage of audio description services during select performances of Wicked. These services provide a live, in-theater narration of the on-stage action, scenery, and other visual elements through a personal headset. Additionally, theaters may offer large print or Braille playbills upon request. Make sure to contact the box office ahead of time to ensure availability and reserve these services.

  • Audio description services
  • Large print playbills
  • Braille playbills

Autism and Sensory Sensitivity

Wicked is dedicated to creating an inclusive theater experience for all patrons, including those with autism or sensory sensitivities. Some performances feature slight adjustments to the lighting and sound to create a more sensory-friendly environment. These performances also provide a quiet area within the theater for patrons who may need a break during the show. Check the schedule for sensory-friendly performance dates.

  • Adjusted lighting and sound
  • Quiet area within the theater

How to Request Accessibility Accommodations

To ensure a seamless theater experience, it is crucial to request accessibility accommodations in advance. When purchasing tickets, notify the box office of your specific needs, whether it be wheelchair seating, assistive listening devices, or other accommodations. This will allow the theater staff to prepare and reserve the necessary services for your visit. Keep in mind that some accommodations, such as sign language interpretation or audio description, may only be available during select performances. Always double-check the schedule and availability when making your reservation.

  • Contact the box office when purchasing tickets
  • Specify your needs and accommodations
  • Check the schedule for specific accessibility services


Wicked is committed to providing an accessible and enjoyable theater experience for all patrons, regardless of their individual needs. By offering a range of accommodations, including wheelchair access, hearing assistance, visual impairment services, and sensory-friendly performances, Wicked ensures that everyone can enjoy this spectacular Broadway production. Remember to request accommodations in advance to guarantee a seamless theater experience. Get your Wicked tickets now and experience this spectacular Broadway production.

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