Lion King Musical Lottery

The steady rise in ticket prices has made it harder for theater lovers to buy tickets for the affordable price. The digital lottery is one of the ways to get tickets at a reasonable price for shows that are otherwise sold out. Take your shot at winning $30 tickets in the digital lottery for Lion King!

How to enter Lion King lottery?

You can follow these steps to enter the Lion King digital lottery:

  • Register at the official Lion King lottery website.
  • Check wether the lottery has an «active» status or not.
  • Fill out the entry form with your information and press the “Submit” button.

Please Note: Multiple entries for a single performance from a single guest is not allowed.

  • Confirm that you are over 18 years old.

Drawings and notification

  • Stay alert. You will be notified via email within a few minutes of the closing time listed for the lottery you entered.

Please Note: Winners are chosen randomly. The number of winners for each lottery varies and is established by the show management.

  • You will receive a notification via email within minutes as to whether you won or not. In case you didn’t receive an email check your status online by clicking the “check status” button here.

Claiming prizes

  • If you win, you have limited time (60 minutes) from the time the lottery closes to pay for your tickets. You need to pay only $30 per ticket. After successful payment, lottery winners will receive a confirmation email, which they need to save.
  • Pick up your tickets with a valid, non-expired photo ID at the Box Office between 30 and 90 minutes prior to showtime.

Please Note: These tickets are not transferable to other people, or to other shows. If you win the ticket lottery, you are not allowed to enter the same lottery for a year.

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