Aladdin, the musical takes its pages from the animation film from 1992 and will be premiering live at the New Amsterdam Theatre.

The film from Disney which is adapted from a 1992 animation feature with the same title will on March 20 celebrate its eighth year on Broadway. The musical started screening on March 20, 2014, at the New Amsterdam Theatre.

The rich cast features the talented ensemble made up of Michael Maliakel, as he makes his debut on Broadway as the title character, Aladdin. Other members of the cast include Michael James Scott who plays Genie, Dennis Stowe plays Jafar, Shoba Narayan playing Jasmine while the trio of Brad Weinstock, Zach Bencal, and Milo Alosi handle the role of the sidekicks of Aladdin known as Omar, Babkak, and Kassim respectively; JC Montgomery playing Sultan; while Don Darryl Rivera plays Iago. Other faces to look out for are Jonathan Weir, Frank Viveros, Mark DiConzo, and Juwan Crawley.

The ensemble features Tia Altinay, Alicia Charles, Michael Callahan, Mathew deGuzman, Josh Drake, Brian Dillion, Carissa Fiorillo, Samantha Farrow, Jacob Gutierrez, Keisha Gilles, Wes Hart, Cameron Hobbs, Paul Heesang Miller, Heather Makalani, April Holloway, Amber Owens, Pierre Marais, Jamie Kasey Patterson, Ariel Reid, Bobby Pestka, Tyler Roberts, Angelo Soriano, Jaz Sealey, Charles South, Alec Varcas, and Cassidy Stoner.

In the 2,679 shows o Aladdin so far (plus the performances of March 20), Jasmine and Aladdin have been able to fly more than 88 miles with the magic carpet as they sing their award-winning chorus; also the Genie has been able to successfully let off about 100,000 works of pyrotechnics with his show-stopping musical performance; and in the opener for Act Two, “Prince Ali,” the entire cast members, as well as the wardrobe, were able to make quick costume changes nearly 185,000 times.

The production on Broadway that features the film of 90 minutes into a simple format of two acts, has Alan Menken delivering the music, Tim Rice and the late Howard Ashman delivering the lyrics, while Chad Beguelin contributes to the work with more lyrics and a book. Choreography and direction were provided by Nicholaw.

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The previews of Aladdin started on February 26, 2014, at the New Amsterdam. As a musical, the show had been nominated five times in 2014 for a Tony Awards which includes the Best Musical. The role of Genie handled exceptionally by James Monroe Iglehart won him a Tony award. Aladdin, the musical had been on tour on Broadway before the pandemic hit. However, the show has been back on the road since September 28, 2021.

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