Boston’s “Hadestown” musical puts on an amazing show with dancing lights and top performances.

The show: The musical, Hadestown is a show that was developed by Rachel Checking with writing duties handled by Anais Mitchell.

What Hadestown show is about?

Hadestown is one of the most remarkable shows of the 2018-19 season on Broadway. It won eight Tony awards after getting 14 nominations, the show is a combination and an update of two mythology in Greece which has a New Orleans folk/jazzy score; it comes with the perfect nightclub setting, which had been conceived by Rachel Hauck. This was complemented with various hopeful and topical messages. A certain myth revolves around Eurydice, a character that Orpheus tries to seduce however got trapped in the Underworld of the god Hades; the other myth is about the complicated marriage of Hades to Persephone – his wife.

Show worth watching? This show is not to be missed. Chavkin and Mitchell were able to recreate old stories by using a new and contemporary perspective, they were able to create a moving and exhilarating package that comes with complex global and personal themes that will leave viewers excited. The show which is the first big show in Boston and the first tour nationwide (post-Covid 19), offers interesting performances with a marvelous score that is handled by an interesting on-stage band, while the scintillating choreography by David Neumann complements the thrilling effects and staging.

The show’s highlight: With so many highlights to replay, “Wait for me”, from Act 1 steals the show and will keep users seating on their seat edges. The show was lightened up by Orpheus’ (Chibueze Ihuoma) during the official opening on Wednesday. The show was further highlighted with the impressive cast performance as well as the mesmerizing lighting works from Bradley King, the designer, who goes on to make the show a special and unique show.

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Interesting facts: Hadestown is the first time for over ten years and only fourth in the history of Broadway whereby a woman plays a musical solo author. However, it never happened overnight: The first show was premiered by Mitchell in Barre, Vermont, in 2006; went for its tour in Massachusetts and Vermont; released his concept music album around 2010; then in 2012, began reworking this same idea alongside Chavkin. This show went on and continued with its development away from Broadway, then in London and Canada, before it would go over to Broadway later around March 2019.

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