Everybody looks ahead to the highest expected return of Hamilton to Austin,Texas, in December. Tickets are currently being sold by performing Arts – and fans of the theater are being given an opportunity to get access to tickets being pre-sold before the show.

Jeffrey Seller, the producer, along with Austin’s Broadway, which is being organized by the Performing Arts of Texas, will open up one-day sales of the ticket to the general public in Austin beginning at 10 in the morning, Thursday, the 9th of September. Tickets are sold through official online channels at broadwayseats.org.

Hamilton has been scheduled to run for two weeks at the Bass Concert Hall from December 7th through 19th. TPA announced that people would be allowed to purchase a maximum of eight of the show’s tickets through one account. The prices of the tickets are from $49 to $179, while a selected amount of premium seat tickets (beginning from $249) will be made available for every performance.

For the fun-loving people of Austin: There will be a 40 seat lottery of $10 per seat for all performances of Hamilton. The details of the performance will be made known as the performance dates get closer.

However, fans of Hamilton can beat the rush for tickets by visiting the online club of Broadway in Austin before midnight on Friday, the 3rd of September. On this day, they will be able to get access to ticket pre-sales before the tickets are sold to people.

This announcement is being made known of a July 14 warning from TPA to fans of Hamilton that the tickets are not yet on sale, and they should be wary of fake third-party vendors of the shows tickets, which could be sold at higher prices.

“You are tempted to buy your tickets from anywhere,” explained Seller. “We have lots of people and sites that have overpriced tickets on sale, and some of these are fake tickets. People looking to get the best ticket prices, the best show seats, and to avoid the risk of buying fake tickets, they can buy all tickets through the official web channels for TPA and Broadway in Austin.”

Hamilton, an award-winning show, was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and is based on the biography of Ron Chernow. The show features the story of a founding father of America, Alexander Hamilton. It is accompanied by a scintillating musical score that mixes Broadway, R&B, Jazz, and hip-hop genres.

As noted by TPA, Hamilton was able to create a “ground-breaking period in the history of theatre.” It further states that the show has gone on to deeply impact education, politics, and culture.

“Embracing Hamilton with both arms is an excellent way to welcome back the return of Broadway to the city of Austin,” explained Bob Bursey, TPA’s artistic and executive director. “After 21 months, this is the first production in Broadway that we are having at the Bass Concert Hall. It is with great delight that we welcome everybody back and start a promising Broadway season in Austin with this amazing production that have made a lot of history.”

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