Expectations are high as Dallas Summer Musicals look set to host Hamilton – the musical. Hamilton Dallas is expected to start on November 16th and round-up on December 5th. The award-winning show surprised audiences at the Music Hall of Fair Park over the history of the founding fathers of America.

Hamilton is America’s past told by the Americans of the present. It involves an elaborate act of modern storytelling about the brave men and women that fought for the liberation of the county. As the pandemic plagued the world, the show was made available on streaming platforms for people to witness the performance of the original ensemble. However, there is nothing like seeing the show live on stage. It was crazy energy inside the Music Hall as the fully packed theatre was packed with a completely masked audience.

It was the nicest feeling to see all types of people take on all the excitement of the show as the actors performed their magic on stage. The audience at the show has gone to this live event for a reason. Unlike a majority of the musicals on Broadway, the resonating blend of R&B and hip-hop ensure that songs like “My Shot” and “Wait for it” play in your mind all day.

The Angelica tour of the hit show will come with a cast full of stars and raw talents. Notable names include Edred Utomi who plays the lead character, Josh Tower and Stephanie Umoh who play their respective characters – Aaron Burr and Angelica Schuyler. Josh Tower was able to show a softer character to Burr in Dear Theodosia as it greatly contrasted with his feverish attitude after The Room Where It Happens episode. The Hamilton played by Utomi was bold and strategic while making the right moves to advance the career of the lead character. His chemistry with Zoe Jensen’s Eliza was heartbreaking and touching. When it comes to the ideal picture of sisterhood and loyalty, you can find that in Angelica, played by the delectable Umoh.

For me, the standout moments of the show were King George (played by Peter Smith), George Washington (played by Paul Stovall), and Eliza Hamilton (played by Zoe Jensen). Smith perfectly held down the role of King George as he enchanted the audience long before uttering a word while there were thunderous cheers each time that he appears on stage. His take on the King George character was nothing short of mesmerizing. Stovall’s George Washington maintained his grip on the stage as the commander. He showed a lot of depth with the character.

Eliza Schuyler played by Zoe Jensen enthralled the audience the whole evening. The voice of Jensen had a laser-like precision that you feel her singing cutting through your bone. Her take on the character showed feminism, power, and continuous evolution as the musical went on for two hours. It wouldn’t be surprising if she came back to Broadway to perform as another female character before long.

The whole crew of actors had a lot of excellent dancers who made a positive difference to the show. By a wonderful cast, we are referring to Natalie Clater, Taylor Daniels, Patrick Garr, John Devereaux, Lencia Kebede, Krystal Mackie, Paige Krumbach, Robbie Nicholson, Will Travis, Damani Van Rensalier, and Patrick Ryan.

Most of the people in the cast were non-whites. This made me feel so proud that Hamilton Broadway cared about genuine diversity and inclusion with such a massive platform. Hamilton had achieved an essential milestone on Broadway featuring people of diverse races and seeing people from races from around the world left me hopeful for the future.

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