Fans of the musical hit are now able to get Hamilton tickets via digital lottery for their favourite shows which open on November 16 at Fair Park’s Music Hall. The show’s organizers announced that all performances will be made to have a limited amount of tickets to be sold each for $10. Winners of the Lottery will be selected every week due to the schedule listed below:

The lottery is set to commence and last until midnight on November 21 to get tickets for Hamilton US tour shows for November 26 through 30. Notifications for winners and unsuccessful lottery participants will be made available on November 21, from 1 to 4 p.m.

In week two of performances (November 23 through 28), people will be able to play the lottery from November 21 (10 am) to November 25 (noon). Notifications for winners and unsuccessful participants will be announced from 1 pm to 4 pm on November 25.
Then during the last performance week of the shows (from November 30 to December 5), people can take part in the lottery from November 19 at 10 am through to November 24 at midnight. Notifications for unsuccessful lottery participants and winners will be announced on November 28 from 1 to 4 pm.

The Rules of the Lottery

People can make use of Hamilton’s official app which is available for both Android and iOS devices. Purchases and payments are not requirements for participation. Each winning participant can buy about two tickets. Each person is only allowed to have a single entry. Disposable email ID’s and repeat entries will be disposed of.

People can get their tickets to the show by will call with their current photo IDs starting 90 minutes before the show. Lottery tickets will be voided in an attempt to resell them. All the listed times refer to local time zones.

Participants should be equal to or over 18 years, and should generally have a current and valid photo ID that bears a similarity to the names that are used to play the game. Tickets cannot be transferred. The prices and limits for tickets get displayed only with the show’s discretion and can get changed without any prior notice.

With prior purchases, the prices of the lottery do not have any validity. The offers for the lottery ticket will not have to be used along with other promotions and offers. All sales are final as no exchanges or refunds will be granted. People may have their lotteries modified or revoked at any time without any prior notices. Purchases do not increase the chances of getting a ticket.

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