Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of the hit musical, Hamilton officially opened the award-winning musical in Puerto Rico on January 11 as the lead star. Prior to the show’s official opening, Miranda spoke to CBS This Morning regarding his performance and personal connection with the island of Puerto Rico.

After more than 2 years behind the scenes, Miranda will return to the spotlight as the title character, Alexander Hamilton, who coincidentally celebrates his 262nd birthday. The January 11 show runs on the island for 3 weeks before gracing the mainland.

Miranda and Puerto Rico have both been yearning for this moment for a long time. During the interview, Miranda described his ‘love affair’ with Puerto Rico, which stems from his first musical and the first Equity show ever performed on the island, In The Heights.

Miranda recalls his experience as “…the most emotionally satisfying, artistically satisfying week of my life. I didn’t realize how important it was to me that this island I love so much embrace my work.” Consequent to the positive reviews of musical in the New York Times, Miranda made a pact to launch a tour of the musical in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, Hurricane Maria devastated the island and Miranda had to hold off his dream – up until 2019.

The Hamilton creator and star claimed that the proceeds from the show would be donated to the Flamboyan Arts Fund and the Hispanic Federation to facilitate community efforts to rebuild the island.

“That’s always sort of the moment, like a Pokémon, I try to harness all the energy in the crowd,” he said. This was in reference to his standing ovation (applauded for 21 seconds) by the crowd during the musical’s rehearsal on January 10. Additionally, Miranda expressed his emotional experience with a certain musical number, meeting a former teacher, and having his son watch the full show for the first time.

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