Hollywood Boulevard cannot recall the times of a greater line for a musical show. The temperature nearly got 90 degrees and people were still determined to endure the heat. Their aim was to purchase Hamilton tickets no matter what. The musical is definitely a must-see performance if they agreed to suffer under the blazing sun.

The administrative staff of the Pantages Theatre decided to shift the line under a lobby equipped with air-conditioners. Moreover, a part of lining people waited on the stage. What a great relief the fans got being placed in comfortable conditions. The performances start in August and hundreds of admirers get up before dawn to buy Hamilton” tickets in LA.

It is a story about a ten-dollar bill man Alexander Hamilton who did his bit in the formation of the USA. He managed to raise from the poor and reached the highest level of society. The show will keep you in suspense from the first minute. “Hamilton” is from the category which is called “expectations exceeded performance”!

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