The Lion King celebrates two decades of its North American tour as it berths at Wichita, Kansas. The show is looking to start a two-week engagement to mark its return tonight at the Century II Concert Hall.

Since its April 2002 launching, the show has visited 93 cities and performed more than 9,000 times while keeping 21 million showgoers on the edges of their seats.

The relevance of the backstory of this show can still be felt to this day than ever. This is an evidence of the stellar creative genius possessed by Julie Taymor as well as her team of talented collaborators – from the story writers and music composers of the show to the live performers who gave life to the story on stage, remarked Thomas Schumacher, who is both Producer and President at the Disney Theatrical Productions.

Lion King Celebrates Two Decades Of Touring

“This show has always been driven by humans – from the managers of the stage to the actors to the technical support guys, and the musicians. The most important thing about this show is that it can motivate people daily as it is shown all over North America. The show gets its life from a small team made up of inspiring and dedicated people. We doff our hats for them.”

The Lion King is an adaptation of an animated film by Disney released in 1994. The film made its first debut on Broadway in 1997. It features a music score from Tim Rice and Elton John and three new music titles from them.

You also get more music material by Hans Zimmer, Julie Taymor, Jay Rifkin, and Lebo M, Mark Mancina.

There is also a musical collection based on the” Rhythm of the Pride Lands,” which is an album that has a collection of the film’s soundtrack.

Julie Taymor, who was the director of the show, co-designer of the mask, and costume designer was the first female Tony award winner for directing a musical.

The Lion King, produced by Disney productions had its Broadway debut in November 1997.

The show has gone on to a record of 25 productions across the world.

Currently, it has ten productions that are showing in different parts of the world including Broadway, the North American Lion King tour, and in the West End in London.

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