This live stream has been billed to come with the song “Circle of Life” as well as a per-show with Adrienne Walker as the host.

The Lion King on Broadway plans to form a partnership with TikTok to mark the restoration of the show back to live performances. This will be marked by live-streaming the first song, known as the “Circle of Life”, on September 14 from the Minskoff Theatre.

This streaming is billed to start by 7 PM ET while Adrienne Walker handles the pre-show events in a behind-the-scenes format. She will be returning to her initial role of Nala from the original Disney production. This event will lead to living streaming of the hit music “Circle of Life” live from the Minskoff and can be obtained from Disney on the TikTok account of Broadway, @DisneyOnBroadway.

“TikTok is now home for lovers of musical theatre and Broadway from around the globe, therefore we are so happy to become a part of this achievement by the industry as the lights on the stages are now back on,” explained Catherine Halaby, TikTok’s Entertainment Content Corporate Partnerships Lead. “We and our partners are working on bringing the most entertaining, creative, and innovative content to a growing musical theatre fan base on the platform. Through our partnerships with important production companies such as the Lion King, plus our local creators’ community, and leading stars of Broadway, we are looking on taking Broadway entertainment to everybody and be able to deliver an insider’s perspective into the magic and talent of the musical theater.”

This event, to be live-streamed, supports The Actors Fund as they formed a partnership with TikTok in the early parts of the year on Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical.

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