Lion King Popular

“The Lion King” has made national headlines since its opening night in 1997. As a rule, the aspect of time is a prerequisite for a decline of any show. However, it is not the case. The performance has made lots of foreign productions and even after a decade it keeps touring across the globe.

There are three main reasons for popularity of the show. The first one is “Uniqueness of the Script”. Have you ever seen the envy of a sly lion over the throne in jungles? Have you ever contemplated the friendship of animals who care for each other even more than people?

Definitely, “The Lion King” happened to be the first show to present such sights for audience. A special credit should be given to costumes. It made people wow right away they saw actors disguised in elaborated and superb animal-like outfit.

The second reason is “The Magic of Disney production”. “The Lion King” musical is a classical piece of art. It means that a couple of generations saw it as a movie. Now that the movie is made as a musical, parents eagerly take their off-springs to watch the show live.

The third reason can be called like “Promote: The Power of Advertising is Immense”. It sounds challenging for low-budget companies though not for such a giant as Disney. It cross promotes their brainchild with the help of theme parks and networks.

“The Lion King” musical is a real winner in a theatrical world. It has set a bar so high for further pieces of art. What can be more mighty than “The Lion King”? This question is going to be answered by next generations.

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