If you fancy the Lion King as one of your best films and you are yet to see the West End Lion King adaptation, you can thank your lucky stars.

In the upcoming London Theatre Week, fans of the franchise will be able to catch all the magic of the famed Disney classic reimagined with a stage version and tickets with exclusive prices.
Starting from now up until September %, people will be able to book the show’s ticket with a starting price of £25. There have been newly released November tickets. However, these tickets are being sold like crazy.

Tickets from the Lion King Musical show, starting from £25 – book tickets here.
You are not needed to watch the show immediately. However, there will be available tickets to be booked for dates that span the next few months. Bookings with exclusive prices have an active validity status running from September 7 through November 26, and the deal includes all Friday and Tuesday evenings.

The famed classic from Disney gets reimagined by the delectable imaginations of Julie Taymour, the acclaimed film director. Bringing the popular West End classic of the 90s to fans of the new generation.

The show is an imaginative event for the stage that will be offered with exotic colors, immersive effects, and captivating music. It is a show to not be missed.

It features a plot that is based on the fabulous and enchanting Serengeti Plains juxtaposed with traditional and Spirit-moving African rhythms; this is a story of young Simba. The musical follows the epic journey of the cub from its years as a naïve toddler through to its final role as a destined leader and the King of everything living in the Pridelands.

The original music of the musical is being performed by Tom Rice and Elton John. Fans will also get the chance to enjoy such classics like “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” “Hakuna Matata,” “Be Prepared,” “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King,” and “Circle of Life.” All musical classics of the hit show have been repurposed to certainly take one back in time to 1994.

Fans looking to watch the show have the opportunity to book now for their show tickets through Lion King Tickets. However, they will need to act fast as tickets (the good seats) are flying off the counters, like young Simba being chased out of the Pridelands by the Hyenas.

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