The young actor while explaining his new roles says excelling at the role requires some real-life lion-like skills.

Who is this? An experienced method acting expert, with Stanislavski-like performance skills?
Continuing with his interview, the actor says that having fun is the primary goal of the show. Have fun on set? Jaylen Lyndon Hunter, a member of the Lion King musical cast sounds like a real kid from Memphis.

The 11-year-old Jaylen holds the primary role as he plays Simba – the cub whose destiny is to rule over the Pride Lands – in the live performance at Lion King Memphis Orpheum which starts from November 11 and runs for 15 days.

The position and its required commitment – This is a “Lion King” tour that still has another twelve cities to go through in July – means a big introduction into professional live performances for a mere sixth-grade student with a humble acting experience.

When asked further, Jaylen said that his foray into the world of acting was inspired by the emotional, horror, and funny films that he had seen. He says that he likes to act while mentioning Chadwick Boseman and Adam Sandler as his heroes.

“It is just simply impressive for such a kid to stand on stage and perform for thousands every night,” says Gerald Ramsey as he also preps to be Jaylen’s dad on stage with the role of king Mufasa.

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