King Lion on Road

The musical is setting off for the first international tour in March 2018, in Manilla. The show will be performed in English.

Not only the capital of Philippines is lucky to receive the musical. It is said to be that Singapore, South Korea, South Africa and Taiwan will witness the phenomenon of the brightest performance as well.

Disney Theatrical Productions together with Michael Cassel Group help the show prosper during a decade. Currently they are focused on Asia and South Africa.

Once Thomas Schumacher (the president of DTP) mentioned: “Julie Taymor and her extraordinary creative team have realized a production of enormous scale, beauty and heart. I cannot wait for new audiences to join us in the Philippines, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan and South Africa, the show’s creative birthplace.”

Julie Taymor spent 4 years in Indonesia and visited lots of adjacent countries there. According to here, this part of the world inspired her greatly. It will be especially pleasant to bring her creation to those regions.

Auditions for the Asian-African tour begin on March 2017 in South Africa. October 2017 is expected to be the month when tickets for the production go on sale.

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