Lion King

According to The Associated Press, the musical has earned unprecedented amount of money in media. The sum $6.2 billion worldwide is really staggering!
No doubt, “The Lion King” has achieved the greatest tickets box-office sales success and it keeps making money across the globe.

The box-office record used to hold “The Phantom of Opera” with $6 billion. Even “Titanic”, any part of “Harry Potter”, “Star Wars” or “Avatar” couldn’t reach the mark of at least $3 billion worldwide.

President and producer at Disney Theatrical Production, Thomas Schumacher said: “It’s difficult not to become emotional at this realization of the show’s impact”. Starting from 1997 the show made a real sensation in the USA first and later on it conquered the whole world.

The creators of the musical are deeply proud of the result. Furthermore, “The Lion King” is about to start its Asia-Africa tour where more audience will be in thrall to the show once and for all.

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