Welcome to the spotlight of Broadway’s finest! In this edition, we’re diving into the dazzling world of Some Like It Hot, a Broadway gem that shone bright but is now preparing for its final curtain call. Let’s unravel the story of this celebrated musical and its unexpected farewell. 🎭

Some Like It Hot Broadway Musical

Curtain Call for ‘Some Like It Hot’ on Broadway

It’s a bittersweet symphony on the Great White Way, as the Tony Award-winning musical Some Like It Hot gears up for its final Broadway bow. The curtains will close on this celebrated adaptation of the 1959 film comedy on December 30 at the Shubert Theatre, marking the end of a dazzling yet unexpectedly short journey.

The production, a bright star in the 2022-23 Broadway season, couldn’t quite ignite the box office fireworks it deserved. Despite a promising spike in ticket sales post-Tony Awards, where the show bagged four prestigious awards including Best Lead Actor in a Musical for J. Harrison Ghee, the audience turnout dwindled. Recent figures paint a sobering picture – only 61% of the theatre was filled, a steep drop from its June peak.

Accolades and Future Endeavors

Apart from Ghee’s stellar win, the show also danced away with Tonys for its orchestrations, choreography, and costume design. Yet, the standing ovations and accolades weren’t enough to turn the tides. But don’t fret! The beat goes on for Some Like It Hot, with a national tour set for September 2024 and a West End production in the pipeline for 2025.

Producers Robert Wankel and Neil Meron expressed their gratitude for the show’s successful run and are buzzing with excitement for its upcoming tours. They applauded the team’s efforts in bringing this classic comedy to life with a fresh, invigorating twist.

A Star-Studded Journey Comes to a Close

The journey of Some Like It Hot on Broadway has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride, filled with high notes and standing ovations. From its grand opening in December 2022, the musical captivated audiences with its unique blend of humor, heart, and show-stopping numbers. Yet, despite the critical acclaim and a cast that sparkled under the Broadway lights, the show faced an uphill battle in sustaining audience interest.

Even with a treasure trove of Tony Awards and a top-notch creative team, the musical struggled to maintain a full house. This decline in audience numbers, a stark contrast to its earlier success, ultimately led to the decision of drawing the curtains on this Broadway chapter.

The Beat Goes On: Touring and Future Productions

While the Broadway lights may dim for Some Like It Hot, the show’s spirit is far from fading. The announcement of a national tour and an anticipated West End production brings a silver lining to this bittersweet moment.

Fans across the country and beyond will soon have the opportunity to experience the magic of this modern classic. The tour and international production promise to breathe new life into the show, continuing its legacy and bringing its joyous, foot-tapping rhythm to new audiences.

So, as we prepare to say goodbye to this Broadway sensation, let’s remember the laughter, the music, and the unforgettable moments it brought to the stage. Some Like It Hot may be leaving Broadway, but its story is far from over.

A Legacy of Laughter and Song

By its final performance, the musical will have serenaded the Shubert Theatre for over a year, boasting 483 performances since its November 2022 preview. The creative powerhouses behind this gem include Matthew López and Amber Ruffin (book), Marc Shaiman (music), and Scott Wittman (lyrics), under the dazzling direction and choreography of Casey Nicholaw.

The stage was graced by an ensemble of talents like Christian Borle, Adrianna Hicks, and NaTasha Yvette Williams, alongside the award-winning Ghee. The show’s production saw the collaboration of industry giants, including The Shubert Organization, Neil Meron, and MGM on Stage, weaving a tapestry of theatrical excellence.

As we bid adieu to this Broadway sensation, it’s a reminder that every curtain call is a new beginning. So, grab your Some Like It Hot tickets and catch this sizzling show before it’s too late! 🎼

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