Dive into the world of Zurin Villanueva, the star of “Tina: The Tina Turner Musical”, as she shares her heartfelt journey, especially after the passing of the legendary Tina Turner. 🎭

Zurin Villanueva: Emotions, Excellence, and the Essence of Tina Turner

A Heartfelt Performance Post Tina’s Passing

When the world mourned the loss of the iconic Tina Turner, Zurin Villanueva was amidst her portrayal of the legend on stage. The news hit her hard, especially during a poignant scene of Turner’s mother’s demise. “I was a wreck,” she recalls. But like a true artist, she sang through her tears, proving that the show must go on.

The Rigors and Rewards of the Role

With a schedule that has her lighting up the stage every alternate night, Villanueva’s commitment to her craft is evident. Being present in every scene, she’s constantly juggling singing, dancing, and acting for nearly three hours. On her nights off, the talented Naomi Rodgers steps into Tina’s shoes. “Staying present and focused is the key,” Villanueva emphasizes.

From Brooklyn to Broadway

A Brooklyn native, Villanueva’s journey to the spotlight began at the renowned Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. Initially a dance major, her passion for drama took center stage. “I must be an actress!” she exclaimed, making a promise to her mother that she’d never abandon dance.

Venturing into the World of Writing

While she’s made her mark on stage and screen, Villanueva’s next adventure is in the realm of writing. She’s penning a book, offering insights into the lesser-known facets of Broadway. “It’s advice I’d give to my younger sister if she landed her first Broadway gig,” she shares. And her golden rule? “Never upset the stage manager!” she chuckles.

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