For the first time ever, Wicked, the award-winning musical will be in Columbia over a period spanning three weeks, for a total of 24 shows. Daniel Hampel confirmed the heights to which the show had reached in Columbia, making history at the Kogel Centre for the Arts.

This is the biggest thing to ever happen to Columbia as far as Broadway goes, by far. Our previous most tickets sold for a show was 14,500 for Jersey Boys in 2013, and we’re at 40,000 tickets sold. The previous high-gross ticket sales for a show was $850,000, we’re at $3.5 million in sales,” said Hampel, the Managing Director of the Roberts group and Broadway in Columbia.

Wicked Columbia
The Centre is expecting around 50,000 ticket sales with visitors coming from all over Columbia.

Nate Terracio, Director of the Koger Centre spoke about the validation the show brought to the area. He highlighted that it would give a chance to support the local talent that will be tied to the show in one way or another.

“Wicked coming to Columbia really validate the local are scene here in Columbia. It lets people know that we’re seen on a national level as a place that appreciates good art and good entertainment, and we are a market that will pay money for a ticket and support not only this tour but our local artists and technicians who are involved in this tour,” said Teracio.

The show’s cast members described Wicked as much more than a musical and hoped that the audience would be made to feel this as well. Talia Suskauer, who plays Elphaba, talked of the beautiful themes brought out in the show, themes of love and friendship, and the positive effect friendship can have on someone’s life. “I think old, young, big, and small, everyone should come to this show because you will learn something,” she said.

Allison Bailey, who plays Glinda, termed the show’s first outing in Columbia as a ‘dream’, describing the roles of her character and Elphaba as ‘iconic. “It’s our first time here in Columbia, and really it’s an honor and is so special,” said Bailey.

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