Wicked in Dublin
Those people who haven’t seen the show “Wicked” have missed on the opportunity to get back to childhood at least for a while. Let’s take a stroll down a memory lane together with this amazing performance.

The musical alludes to a well-known story “Wizard of Oz”. You may recall it while watching the show. To fully absorb and enjoy the play you’d better get “Wizard of Oz” out of your head.
So, the plot of the musical revolves around friendship of two girls, Glinda and Elphaba. The first young lady is popular in a school for sorcerers. Unfortunately, Elphaba is often misunderstood and can’t enjoy popularity among her classmates. Their friendship happened to be not as solid as it used to be. It was so due to different priorities set for life.

Thus, Glinda got seduced by mightiness of magic and Elphaba preferred to play fair in the world of wizards. What consequences will they face? Friendship again or hatred in the future?

Dublin is looking forward to the show “Wicked”. The tickets will be available from 30th June. The performance is going to run during 7 days. Is one week enough to satisfy the hunger of all fans? If not, hurry up to buy the tickets for “Wicked”.

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