With a film adaptation of the Wicked musical in the works, names are being attached to various roles, one such role being Elphaba. Popstar Ariana Grande is one of the names being associated with the character, and none other than the original Elphaba from Broadway herself, Idina Menzel, has given a glowing approval for that to happen.


In an interview with Andy Cohen, Idina spoke on how her collaboration with Ariana on a single for her album happened. She spoke of not knowing the exact reason but knowing that Ariana was a fan of hers because they did the Wicked reunion together. “I needed a girl-power vibe,” she said.

When asked about whether Ariana would be a good fit for the role: “She would be amazing.” Idina recalled how Ariana ‘kicked ass’ on her rendition of the Wizard and I. With admissions of Ariana ‘singing stuff I’d never even thought of’ and ‘why didn’t I sing like that’, Idina just fell short of demanding that Ariana have the role gift-wrapped for her.

Fans of Ariana are surely aware of the passionate love that Ariana has for the musical, even before her performance of The Wizard and I for NBC’s A Very Wicked Halloween Special. Ariana confessed to being willing to do anything to play Elphaba.

She named Elphaba and Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors as her two dream roles, roles she would do anything to land, including ‘standing outside the producers’ office with coffee waiting for their acknowledgment.’ It surely will not come to that.

The movie is slated for 22nd December 2021, with no casting selections yet to be made public.

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