Appeal looks to bar the host of “The Late Late Show” from going anywhere near the musical production.

A petition making the rounds online have asked producers of the musical, Wicked not to include James Corden in the cast has received over 60,000 signatures.

The film is the stage adaptation of the hit show and looks ready to feature Ariana Grande and Cynthia Driving, who both plays leading roles with their respective characters.

TV personality, James Corden, who is known for his polarizing reputation, has started a notorious trend of appearing in stage musicals. As he looks set to tread on stage with the cast members of Wicked, his previous performances are still being criticised by industry professionals. He started in Cinderella, The Prom, Cats, and Into the Woods, many of which were heavily criticised.

This petition was created on and has been directly addressed to the studios at Universal. The petition begs for Corden not to be included in the project as fans eagerly wait for the show.

The petition reads this, “James Corden should not allow near or to take part in the movie production of Wicked in any form, shape, or form. That is all.”
As of press time, the petition has obtained over 61, 353 signatures. If the number of signatories gets to 75,000, the website will qualify the petition as among the petitions with the highest amount of signatories on the website.
As soon as Grande and Eric were confirmed to take part in the show this past week, James Corden became a hot trend on social media, while fans of the Wicked in New York demanded that he should not take part in any form or shape in the project.
As of now, it is not very clear about what role Corden is up for.

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