There are moments when you come across certain parts in the original Wizard of Oz that leaves you speechless. From the legions of flying monkeys to the menacing cackle of Margaret Hamilton, few spectacles match the thrilling experience of the masterpiece.


But have you imagined what made Elphaba the wicked witch of the west or what made Glinda become the good witch of the south?

Wicked, the Broadway musical wants audiences to see what made the witches what they are long before Dorothy dropped in on a whirlwind. The Broadway musical is currently playing at the Hult Center through Aug 11.

The musical starts off by introducing us to the green-skinned Elphaba, (Mariand Torres) and the boisterous Glinda (Erin Mackey).

Both actresses really play into the role, and their dynamic chemistry is evident.

Both actresses do not waste the chance to show their extensive vocal range and their incredible stage performance. Mackey really owns the stage in her delivery of “Popular.” Also, Torres delivers a masterclass in “Defying Gravity,” despite the tough lighting conditions. The performance allowed her to flex her vocal range much to the amazement of the audience.

Wicked is excellent at delivery a spectacle. The stage arrangements, pieces and props are wonderfully crafted. Take the giant mechanical smoking dragon that floats above the audience; you might easily confuse it for the real thing.

The Winged monkeys are another spectacle. As they move through the air, you can barely see the wires attached to them. There is a great balance between delivery and spectacle.

The story tells a tale of betrayal and a fight between good and evil. The songs, along with the character portrayal, tell a beautiful story.

Wicked is a prequel that flows into the original story. If you’ve seen the Wizard of Oz, you will be happy to know that there are individual callbacks to it on Wicked that will make you smile.

“For Good,” “No Good Deed,” and “Thank Goodness” are some of the timeless pieces fans will be happy to hear.

It is safe to say that Wicked is worth the hype. It has something for everyone; that’s why it is a timeless classic that keeps getting better and better. Just grab your Wicked tickets on US tour and see the breathtaking musical with own eyes!

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