The Wicked film adaptation – a potential blockbuster that never was. Stans of the hit Broadway musical might feel deceived that the once anticipated Wicked movie just missed its previously scheduled release date on December 20, 2019. So, what led to the delay – and what does the future hold for the movie?

Wicked movie

“Wicked” Falls Victim to a Hollywood Trend

Way back in June 2016, Universal studios sent fans into a frenzy of excitement when it announced the release of a Stephen Daldry-led “Wicked” movie. By announcing the release date so early, it seemed the production team was confident in their project – and rightfully so. Live-action adaptations of popular musicals have been successful historically, grossing nearly $150 million domestically since 2011. So why would “Wicked” be any different?

The signs of “Wicked’s” failure were evident from an early stage. As years passed with little-to-no updates from the production team, fans started to question the viability of the movie. And when the planned released date drew closer, news arose that the much-anticipated film was to be postponed.

The issue with “Wicked” is far from an isolated case. There’s a trend in Hollywood whereby titles are scheduled so far ahead that they end up missing their release dates due to several external and unforeseen factors. For example, Thor: Ragnarok was released on November 3, 2017, rather than the original release date in October the same year. This was consequent to a deal by Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures to make a Spider-Man movie.

But why announce release dates years in advance when there are so many variables that could disrupt the schedule? With release dates playing a crucial role in the success of a movie on the box office, it not a surprise that major studios are booking high profile dates in advance.

The “Wicked” Movie to be Released in 2021

Have you heard of the film adaptation of the Cats musical, which features original music by the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber? Of course, you have. If you’ve noticed, the film’s release date was on December 16, 2019 – right around the time “Wicked” was set to be released. So, what of Elphaba and Glinda? Will the witches ever get the chance to hit the silver screen?

You can sigh in relief as Universal Pictures recently announced the film for the 2021 Christmas season on December 22. Although the cast has not yet been announced, the live-action movie is expected to include some new songs from the 2003 Wicked musical.

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