🎥 The much-anticipated cinematic adaptation of the musical Wicked has hit a temporary roadblock due to the ongoing Screen Actors Guild strike. Despite the pause in production, director Jon M. Chu remains hopeful about the project’s progress and its release schedule.

Wicked Film Production Pauses Amid Actors Strike

A Pause in the Land of Oz

The actors strike, which has led to a work stoppage on numerous movie and TV productions, raised concerns about the impact on Wicked’s filming and release schedule. The film, which is being shot overseas, had to halt production due to the strike. However, Chu shared an encouraging update on his Instagram story:

“Not done yet. Just paused until the strike is over and we can finish the last pieces of the movie. We were only a few days away from being done so we were SO close. It’s been very painful to put a halt to it all but we will be back! And we will finish properly strong when the time is right. My heart goes out to the cast and crew who were cut short of what we came here to complete together. More to come but in the meantime I’m excited to excavate what we have shot for the past year here in Oz (release date shouldn’t be affected). It has been an extraordinary adventure…more to do.”

Release Dates Remain Unchanged

Despite the production pause, Chu remains optimistic about meeting the film’s release schedule. The two-part Wicked movie is slated for release in November 2024 and November 2025 for Parts 1 and 2, respectively.

Impact of the Strike on Hollywood

The actors and writers strike has led to delays in several Hollywood projects, pushing back release dates and disrupting production schedules. However, some overseas productions have found ways to continue filming amidst the strike. Wicked, although filmed overseas, has chosen to respect the strike and cease production.

Awaiting the End of the Strike

We’ll continue to monitor the ongoing SAG and 2023 WGA Writers Strikes, especially as they impact release dates and delay projects. For now, Wicked Part 1 is still expected to hit theaters on November 27th, 2024. For more information on other films planned for next year, make sure you consult our 2024 movie release schedule.

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