Talia Suskauer, James D. Gish, Cleavant Derricks, and other notable names will be on Broadway’s hit musical, Wicked. After hitting the road recently, the hit musical show continues its tour at the Gershwin Theatre.

Wicked, the hit musical that have been on the road for some time now,will continue its tour as it opens at the Gershwin Theatre with new members reported to join the stellar cast of the show. The show begins on May 24 as it once again relive the fantasies of die-hard fans of the franchise. This round of shows even promises to be more entertaining and intriguing as the new cast members have said that they can’t wait to unleash their charm and stage charisma on the audience.

wicked new cast

The show is set to feature Talia Suskauer, from the show, Be More Chill, as the latest person to play Elphaba on Broadway; Cleavant Derricks, a Tony award winner from the shows, Big Deal and Dreamgirls, will handle the character of the Wizard; the new Fiyero on the show will be played by James D. Gish; the role of Doctor Dillamond, will be played by Clifton Davis, a nominee for a Tony award who appeared on – Two Gentlemen of Verona and Aladdin. Also, the role of Nessarose will go to Mikayla Renfrow. It appears as though, this round of shows have been casted carefully to maintain the essence and quality of the storyline.

Elphaba, the character will be handled by Talia Suskauer, along with Cleavant Derricks who plays the role of the Wizard, and Fiyero will be handled by James D. Gish, while Clifton Davis as Doctor Dillamond and Nessarose gets player by Mikayla Renfrow.

Before now, Suskauer, Davis, and Derricks were among the cast members for the national tour of the hit musical, Wicked. Get available Wicked tickets at broadwayseats.org.

However, Renfrow and Gish are appearing on Broadway for the first time. As debutants on the popular show, it is always nice to see what goodies they have in store for their loyal and dedicated audience.

These new cast members are set to replace old cast members like Lindsey Pearce as Elphaba, Milli Diaz as Nessarose, Michael Martin as Doctor Dillamond, and Sam Gravitte as Fiyero, and Michael McCormick as The Wizard. These old members are all expected to take a final bow on Broadway with the show’s last run on May 22.

The musical, the Wicked, acts as an introduction to another show, The Wizard of Oz, which narrates the impossible friendship that Elphaba and Glinda had as they were attending University.

As soon as they had mistakenly discovered some bad secrets about the Wizard’s rule of Oz. They had both reacted differently to it. This led to one of them being called “the Good Witch” while the other was known as “the bad Witch”. This ended up changing their friendship trajectory. Since 2003, Gershwin Theatre on Broadway has been playing host to Wicked.

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