Wicked’s National Tour 5000

The hit sensation, Wicked recently marked an important milestone. On July, 30, the show celebrated its 5000th performance at Minneapolis’ Orpheum Theatre.

The hit movie boasts of a talented ensemble of Lissa deGuzman ( Elphaba), Lisa Howard (Madame Morrible), Jennafer Newberry (Glinda), John Bolton (The Wizard), Kimberly Immanuel (Nessarosse), Michael Genet (Doctor Dillamond), Jake Pedersen (Now), and Jordan Litz (Fiyero), as well as many others.

Presently Broadway’s 5th longest show, the Wicked has won more than 100 international awards and includes three Tony awards as well as the Grammy awards. Ever since its 2003 debut, Wicked had been to more than 100 cities and shown in 16 countries around the globe like (the United Kingdom, Canada, U.S., Ireland, Germany, Japan, Australia, Holland, Singapore, New Zealand, South Korea, Mexico, The Philippines, China, and Switzerland). 

So far, the hit show has been translated into six different languages: Portuguese, Korean, Spanish, Dutch, German, and Japanese. With a worldwide sales revenue of $5 billion, more than 60 million global viewers have seen the show.

Additionally, the North American run of the show has recorded trend-setting sit-down engagements in various cities: Chicago (almost 4 years), Los Angeles (2 years), and its two successful Wicked tour in North America.

Wicked, an amazing sensation on Broadway, follows a story set in the Land of Oz…but uses another narrative.

Long before Dorothy shows up, there was another young lady, birthed with an emerald green body, and possessing a great set of attributes. She will then run into an exceptionally popular bubbly blonde, while they had first been rivals to each other, however, they soon became friends. Everything seemed fine until the world decided to differentiate the “evil” one from the “good” one.

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