Ep. 1 - Creating Magic: The Making of 'Aladdin' Broadway musical

Welcome to the very first episode of BroadwaySeats, “Creating Magic: The Making of ‘Aladdin’ Broadway Musical.” In this thrilling kickoff, we pull back the curtain and illuminate the incredible journey of how Disney’s classic animation was brought to life on the Broadway stage.

The magic of ‘Aladdin’ isn’t just contained within its beloved characters and catchy tunes; it also exists in the detailed craftsmanship, ingenious creativity, and countless hours of dedication that went into translating this timeless tale from screen to stage. Our discussion unravels the intricate process of transforming an animated film into a sensational live musical. We delve into the adaptation of the script, the musical score’s evolution, and the groundbreaking set and costume designs that truly make Agrabah come alive on stage.

We’re also joined by some of the creative geniuses behind ‘Aladdin’. Hear firsthand accounts from the show’s director and choreographer about the challenges and triumphs they encountered. Learn from the costume designer about the inspirations and meticulous efforts that resulted in the visually stunning wardrobe. And get a unique perspective from the actors who breathed life into the characters we all love, sharing their personal experiences of stepping into such iconic roles.

Plus, we unravel the often overlooked aspects of staging a Broadway show like ‘Aladdin’. The complexities of lighting, the precision of stage management, the elaborate choreography, and even the critical role of the pit orchestra. All these elements work harmoniously together to create the magical spectacle that leaves the audience spellbound night after night.

This episode of BroadwaySeats offers an enchanting deep dive into the making of ‘Aladdin’. Whether you’re a Broadway enthusiast or simply curious about the behind-the-scenes work in a Broadway show, you’re in for a treat. So join us on this magic carpet ride and discover a whole new world of Broadway’s ‘Aladdin’!

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