Six Tour Dates | 2023 – 2024

The tales of King Henry VIII’s ๐Ÿ‘‘ wives are leaping off the pages of history books and onto the stage in the wildly popular musical, “Six.” Bursting with contemporary pop anthems and a high-energy performance, it’s no wonder why Six tickets Broadway is causing a stir amongst theatre-goers. Here’s your ultimate guide to the Six musical tour.

Six Musical Tour Schedule

Dates City Location Tickets
Sep 26 - Oct 1 (2023) Oklahoma City, OK Civic Center Music Hall Tickets โž”
Oct 3 - Oct 8 (2023) Austin, TX Bass Concert Hall Tickets โž”
Oct 10 - Oct 22 (2023) San Antonio, TX Majestic Theatre Tickets โž”
Oct 24 - Oct 29 (2023) Little Rock, AR Robinson Performance Hall Tickets โž”
Oct 31 - Nov 5 (2023) Knoxville, TN Tennessee Theatre Tickets โž”
Nov 7 - Nov 12 (2023) Richmond, VA Altria Theater Tickets โž”
Nov 14 - Nov 19 (2023) Toledo, OH Stranahan Theater Tickets โž”
Nov 21 - Nov 26 (2023) Memphis, TN Orpheum Theatre Tickets โž”
Nov 28 - Dec 3 (2023) Fort Worth, TX Bass Performance Hall Tickets โž”
Dec 5 - Dec 24 (2023) Denver, CO Buell Theatre Tickets โž”
Dec 27 - Dec 31 (2023) Boise, ID Morrison Center Tickets โž”
Jan 2 - Jan 7 (2024) Reno, NV Pioneer Center Tickets โž”
Jan 9 - Jan 21 (2024) Salt Lake City, UT George S. and Dolores Theater Tickets โž”
Jan 23 - Jan 28 (2024) Spokane, WA First Interstate Center Tickets โž”
Jan 31 - Feb 11 (2024) Sacramento, CA SAFE Credit Union Center Tickets โž”
Feb 14 - Feb 25 (2024) Anchorage, AK Evangeline Atwood Hall Tickets โž”
Feb 27 - Mar 3 (2024) Norfolk, VA Chrysler Hall Tickets โž”
Mar 5 - Mar 10 (2024) Greensboro, NC Steven Tanger Center Tickets โž”
Mar 12 - Mar 17 (2024) North Charleston, SC North Charleston Coliseum Tickets โž”
Mar 19 - Mar 24 (2024) Naples, FL Hayes Hall Tickets โž”
Mar 26 - Mar 31 (2024) West Palm Beach, FL Raymond F. Kravis Center Tickets โž”
Apr 2 - Apr 7 (2024) Jacksonville, FL Moran Theatre Tickets โž”
Apr 9 - Apr 14 (2024) Louisville, KY Kentucky Center For The PA Tickets โž”
Apr 16 - Apr 21 (2024) Atlanta, GA Fox Theatre Tickets โž”
Apr 23 - May 5 (2024) Cincinnati, OH Aronoff Center Tickets โž”
May 7 - May 12 (2024) Schenectady, NY Proctors Tickets โž”
May 14 - May 19 (2024) East Lansing, MI Wharton Center Tickets โž”
May 21 - May 26 (2024) Ottawa, ON National Arts Centre Tickets โž”
Jul 16 - Jul 28 (2024) St Paul, MN Ordway Center Tickets โž”

The Queenly Plot of ‘Six’

In ‘Six’, the queens are no longer shrouded in the shadows of their shared spouse. Instead, they step into the spotlight, each staking her claim as the true leading lady of the narrative. The plot cleverly conceives a contest between these former consorts, as they vie to lead the musical based on who had the most miserable experience with Henry. From Catherine of Aragon’s divorce to Anne Boleyn’s beheading, Jane Seymour’s untimely demise, Anne of Cleves’ rejection, Catherine Howard’s tragic end, and Catherine Parr’s life post-Henry, each queenโ€™s story is told through an anthemic song reflecting a distinct pop genre.

Critical Reception of ‘Six’ Tour

The heralds of theater criticism have lauded ‘Six’, catapulting it to phenomenal global success. The laurels and accolades have poured in, including a staggering eleven nominations at the 2020 Laurence Olivier Awards. This modern take on historical events has struck a chord with audiences too, who have been equally charmed by its unique blend of history and pop culture. The applause for the virtuoso performances, witty book, and infectious score has echoed across the globe, from West End to Broadway, and now, throughout the USA.

The Powerhouse Performers: The Queens

Each queen in ‘Six’ stands strong, possessing a unique identity mirrored in her solo song. These aren’t the damsels-in-distress of yore, but rather the divas of today. Their potent performances coupled with their spectacular solos range from power ballads to pop bops, transforming each queen into a musical sensation. These powerhouse performers captivate audiences, bringing down the house with their stellar vocals and sassy spirit. The queens of ‘Six’ will have you laughing, crying, and dancing in your seat. ๐Ÿ‘‘๐ŸŽถ

Expect the Unexpected: The Music and Choreography of ‘Six’

The music of ‘Six’ is a surprising mashup of Tudor history and modern pop. Each queen channels a different pop iconโ€”from Beyoncรฉ to Adele, Rihanna to Avril Lavigne, Ariana Grande, and Alicia Keys, the musical references are cheeky, charming, and impeccably crafted. The dynamic choreography, a brilliant blend of contemporary moves and Tudor courtly dances, creates a visually exciting spectacle. Audiences can expect an energetic, fast-paced performance that will leave them spellbound.

Six musical tour

Audience Reception of ‘Six’

From the West End to Broadway, audiences have fallen head over heels for ‘Six’. But don’t just take our word for it. The sold-out shows, the standing ovations, and the explosive applause tell the tale of a show that has truly captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Now, as ‘Six’ hits the road for its US tour, American audiences are bound to join the chorus of approval. Indeed, ‘Six’ is not just a show; it’s a global phenomenon that is taking the theatre world by storm.

From the Throne to the Road: The ‘Six’ US Tour

When news of the ‘Six’ US tour was announced, the excitement was palpable. The chance to see this highly acclaimed, groundbreaking musical in towns and cities across America was like music to fans’ ears. Each stop of the tour is a chance for ‘Six’ to bring its unique brand of fun, fierce and fabulous entertainment to more people. And no doubt, this queen-centric show is set to reign supreme wherever it goes!

Booking Your Tickets: A Simple Guide

Getting your hands on tickets for the ‘Six’ tour might feel like a quest for the Holy Grail, but weโ€™re here to guide you through the process. From pre-sale tips to the best booking platforms, we’ve got your covered. Remember, demand is high, so get ready to act fast. Those front row seats won’t be available for long! ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’บ

Experience the Power of ‘Six’

In ‘Six’, the queens command the stage with all the majesty, charisma, and strength they were denied in their lives. They invite us to listen, to learn, and to love them for who they are: bold, brilliant, and unapologetically themselves. As they harmoniously declare in the finale, they’re not just one out of six wivesโ€”they’re six out of one, six individual women with their own tales to tell. So get ready to lose your head over ‘Six’. This is one musical experience you don’t want to miss!


And there you have itโ€”the scoop on the ‘Six’ musical tour. Are you ready for a dose of her-story like you’ve never seen before? Are you prepared for the sass, the songs, and the sheer power of the queens? Then get ready, because ‘Six’ is coming to a town near you, and it’s going to be epic!


How can I buy tickets for the ‘Six’ musical tour?

You can purchase tickets through authorized ticket vendors. Be sure to check the official ‘Six’ musical website for updates and links to reliable ticket platforms.

Is the ‘Six’ musical suitable for children?

‘Six’ is recommended for ages 10 and up due to its content. However, parents and guardians should use their own discretion when deciding whether the show is suitable for their children.

Are there any discounted tickets available for ‘Six’?

Any available discounts or promotions on tickets would be detailed on the authorized ticket seller’s website.

How long is the ‘Six’ musical?

A4: ‘Six’ is approximately 75 minutes long with no intermission.

What should I wear to a ‘Six’ musical performance?

A5: There’s no strict dress code for ‘Six’ performances. Wear something comfortable that allows you to enjoy the show. However, most people tend to go for smart-casual outfits.

Are there any meet-and-greets with the cast during the tour?

A6: Information about meet-and-greets or other special events would be announced on the ‘Six’ musical official website or social media pages.

Is the ‘Six’ musical tour coming to my city?

A7: The tour schedule can be found on the ‘Six’ musical’s official website. Check there to see if your city is listed.

Are the songs in the ‘Six’ musical based on actual historical events?

While ‘Six’ is inspired by the six wives of Henry VIII, it is a work of fiction. The songs and dialogue are modern interpretations and not based on historical documents.

Can I buy ‘Six’ merchandise at the show?

Yes, merchandise is usually available for purchase at the venue. You can also check the official ‘Six’ website for online merchandise.

What safety measures are being taken for the ‘Six’ tour performances?

The safety of attendees, performers, and staff is a top priority. The specific measures in place will be in line with local regulations and guidelines at the time of each performance. This information will typically be communicated via the venue or ticket vendor.